Date Title / Topic / Scripture
July 2 The Joy of Running
    Enduring through the trials of life
    James 1:1-12
July 9 God Wants to Help Us Stay the Course
    James 1:13-25
July 16 Mexico Team Missions Sharing
July 23 The Distinguishing Mark of a Runner
    Faith and Works go hand in hand
    James 2:14-26
July 30 The Human Centipede Race
    The strong & the weak run together
    James 1:26-2:13
August 6 The Spiritually Healthy Runner 
    Thinking about expletives & expectorants
    James 3:1-12
August 13 The Peaceful, Harmonious Runner
    How do you treat others?
    James 3:13-18
August 20 Don’t Run with the Devil
    Be careful about your running partner
    James 4:1-10
August 27 Letting God Lead
    Running ahead of God is never advisable
    James 4:11-17
September 3 Running is Tough!
    Learning to live with suffering
    James 5:7-12, 2 Cor 1:3-7
September 10 Elbowing Others is Not Permitted
    The Chief Referee cares about justice
    James 5:1-6
September 17 The Runner’s Support Line
    Praying to the finish line
    James 5:13-20

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